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Why trading can cause the fight or flight for traders?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

One of the toughest challenges that traders experience is the unknown. The markets are ever changing and this can cause self-doubt, stress and even anxiety.

That fear of losing or failure can also play a huge part. It can cause emotions to take over, which means that we are trading with our emotions. This is where problems start to occur!

Everything we do each day is around 90% subconscious. So if you are fearful of the results and losing, then this can cause negative behivors and patterns.

Trading psychology, or the psychology of trading is vital to work on, or even master if you are to become a successful trader.

It is important to work on beliefs, behaviors, your mindset and emotional state. A goo starting point is to journal and work out any identifying patterns.

What causes trading anxiety?

Usually, there are 2 main causes to anxiety. We have anxiety over loss, because we don’t want to lose. But the truth is that trading is something that can be out of your control. So even if you research, study and prepare, there are always going to be losses. Treating trading like a business can help to reframe your mindset. In business, there are always business costs (losses). It's the same with trading. Accepting losses will help you to refocus and stay on-track.

Another reason is the lack of confidence. More often than not, we don’t trust our capabilities and that leads to major problems. We need to do everything in our power to surpass this situation, because not trusting your skills is always something that can be problematic. That’s why you need to improve your skills, practice as much as possible, and this will help you regain your confidence and trading performance.

The avenues of trading anxiety According to trading psychology, there are many different avenues of trading anxiety. The first one is the lack of choice. You end up not having the last decision, instead trades tend to be automated and you lack control. On top of that, many people tend to feel loss and a lack of confidence, which leads to a very bad mentality. Addressing that can be very important and it will make a huge difference. If you use that “poor me” mentality, you will make others feel responsible for your losses, and you will lack confidence into your life.

Does hypnosis help traders?

Yes, hypnosis is very efficient because it helps you remove anxiety naturally and it encourages you to push your limits the way you always wanted. You get to improve your discipline, eliminate excuses and manage everything in a more professional manner. Hypnosis helps you remove all the fear, while allowing you to focus on making clear, competent decisions that will eventually improve your trading performance!

How can you rewire your mind for great trading performance?

A very good thing that you can do is to set goals and decide what you want to achieve. You also want to envision yourself achieving that goal and you want to find techniques working for you. These can be anything from simple affirmations to meditation or hypnosis. Trading psychology can help with that as well, since it will help you regain confidence and focus on your success.

Even if you do encounter some failures and losses, these are all a part of the process. Every trader loses trades, that’s a part of this craft. What you want to do is to have goals, focus on success and never give up. That’s what makes this well worth the effort in the long run. Use the right trading psychology services like hypnosis for traders, these can be very helpful and convey the benefits and value you always wanted!

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